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We write these articles to add value to the reader, but also to offer transparency into the heart of Freedom Land Capital.

We view ourselves as life-long learners and take seriously our responsibility to grow daily,
both professionally and personally. Enjoy!

Freedom Land Capital’s ‘Why’

Today, the terms ‘financial freedom’ and ‘time freedom’ are often thrown around, touted as being the benchmarks to success. While achieving financial independence and having an abundance of free time are worthy aspirations, we believe they are only a small part of what’s important. Think of someone you know who is extremely successful but has […]

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Quality partnerships are hard to come by!

We’re so thankful for all of our land investing partners and feel blessed to be in a position to support others on their land investing journey.

"Freedom Land Capital has been an amazing partner in scaling my business. When I hit a pinch-point and need available capital, Freedom has been there to close the gap (on solid deals, of course). It's also a huge plus to have a second set of eyes on due diligence.
Now, as I move from a W2 employee into a full-time land business owner, I plan to use Freedom Land Capital to help scale my business faster than I otherwise could. From my past experience with the Freedom team, I know that their integrity, communication, and receptiveness is second to none, and I look forward to working with them in the future."

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Brian Griffin

Griffin Property Group, LLC


"Being a newer investor, I did not have the funds available to take down this larger deal I had under contract. Freedom Land Capital stepped in to fund the whole deal for me which ended up netting me $55,010.73 in profits! Freedom has a great funding portal that is extremely user-friendly. I would recommend Freedom Land Capital and their team to anyone that's looking to scale their business beyond their wildest dreams. Whether you have the funds or not, it just makes sense! Thank you, Freedom."

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Jason Larson

Northwoods Property Solutions, LLC

The purpose of this Investor Split tool is to provide transparency into how Freedom Land Capital calculates Net Profit Splits based on Deal Terms provided. The Net Profit will vary based on actual costs, but this should help to inform your investment decisions.

Want to take your land investing business to the next level and need some additional training?

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Visit our sister company, Land Investing Mastery, which provides high level training for experienced land investors interested in scaling up.