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$25,000 Profit in Williamson County, TX

This was a nice, quick flip – a great property in a great location for a family to build a home on.  This one was just north of the growing city of Austin, TX in Williamson County.    

In the right market, we love infill lots!  Even as construction costs shoot through the roof (pun intended), homebuilders are looking for quality locations to build on…especially in areas where we see housing demand outpace supply.


Some key takeaways from this deal:

  • Get a topo survey – easements and/or encroachments are common and could be why your seller wants to get rid of the property. Sometimes we can work through these issues, but many times it’s better to walk away from the deal.
    • We discovered some weird easements on this property, but ultimately not a deal breaker.
  • Check on environmental concerns specific to the subject parcel area. Leverage the local knowledge of your land specialized agents and environmental consultants about endangered species.
    • We had a scare with potentially endangered plant life on this property, but luckily we were able to rule it out.
  • Spend the time to network and partner with an agent who has connections to established buyer lists and homebuilders.
    • If you’re doing deals in Williamson County, TX, we highly recommend Kacey and his team of land specialized agents at Land Sale TX!
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