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Billy and Brian make $34,112.57

We purchased 3 properties together in a mini-portfolio deal in Stevens County, Washington with two of our partners, Brian Griffin with Griffin Property Group, LLC and Billy Griffin with Griffin Land Holdings, LLC.

We typically like the warmer states for investing as the colder climates tend to limit the buying season, but these were great properties – perfect location, awesome views, and so much potential. Plus, buying the 3 properties at once was great because it’s not only more efficient from both a time and effort standpoint, but also more cost-effective with respect to closing costs since it’s technically only one transaction.

As always, we used reputable title companies on the purchase and sale side and we used land-focused real estate agents to list the property.

From the initial deal submittal through price negotiations and the ultimate sale, we’re thrilled with how smooth everything went.

At the end of the day, our partners netted $34,112.57 in less than 4 months!

That’s a win in our book. Other than the cost to find the deal, there was no money out of pocket for the land investor, allowing them to allocate more capital towards finding more deals. We’re pumped about the trajectory of Brian and Billy’s businesses and very excited to collaborate on many more!

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