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Freedom Land Capital’s ‘Why’

Today, the terms ‘financial freedom’ and ‘time freedom’ are often thrown around, touted as being the benchmarks to success. While achieving financial independence and having an abundance of free time are worthy aspirations, we believe they are only a small part of what’s important.

Think of someone you know who is extremely successful but has made a very little positive impact in the world. This is the individual who has it all – all the time and money in the world, with anything and everything at their disposal – and yet they’re unsatisfied. They have plenty of personal freedom, but what they’re missing is a clear and purposeful ‘why.’
At Freedom Land Capital, we define success a little differently. We believe that using our God-given talents and resources to serve others is a marker of true, significant success; our purpose extends beyond our own wellbeing and looks outward to the wellbeing of those around us, such as our clients and our peers.

As a brand, FLC aims to promote and exemplify True Freedom – living an abundant, vibrant, and joyful life of serving God by loving others. We at FLC have set goals on how to achieve our purpose, and we seek to do so alongside our valued customers. We have defined our ‘why’ based upon several key reasons:

Our Values

The conception of FLC was founded on our set of shared values, and these values propel us to work in a way that serves our clients best. As lovers of integrity, discipline and quality stewardship, you can depend on us to help you through your journey to financial freedom. For no reason do we engage in any activity that jeopardizes these values, as they form the integral foundation on which our company is built.

Our Principles

Along with these core values, we have principles that are governed by them. These principles include:

  • Intentions. We have your best interest at heart, and will be transparent and honest with you.
  • Experience. We work towards ensuring that your experience with us results in high profit, win-win deals.
  • Outcome. By partnering with us, you will be sure to gain access to the capital, clarity, and connections you need.
  • Partnership. You are part of the team when working with us – and we are glad to have you!
  • Education. We stay ahead of the curve so that our business can serve you to the highest standard.
  • Integrity. You can expect our utmost honesty, transparency, and respect at all times.
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Our Customers

You are the reason our company exists, and we do not take that lightly. We understand your pain points; we know that many people have been scarred in the past by dishonest real estate agents, and as such, we prioritize transparency when dealing with you.

What we seek to achieve by doing this is to build your trust in us. We value well-formed, long-term relationships built on reliability and trustworthiness. For this reason, we are very intentional in hiring the right people and doing the right thing.

Our Goals

As a company, we have goals that we strive to achieve. Hitting target goals and exceeding them where possible is encouraging; it reminds us that we are indeed making an impact in the world. We work hard to ensure that meeting our goals is our minimum achievement. Our topmost, of course, is to become the #1 most recognized and respected brand in the land investing industry.

To Set the Pace

As our customers, you may be business owners just like us. Perhaps you find it difficult staying focused on your goals and remembering why you do what you do. Your individual or company purpose may look entirely different to ours, but we encourage anyone searching for lost motivation to think about their greater purpose. It’s never too late to define or redefine your ‘why’!

So, what is our ‘why’? Look holistically at everything we have listed in this article – our values, principles, and reasoning – and there you have our purpose. We strive to bring fairness and honesty to every action that we take, whilst ensuring each step is consistent with our purpose and helps us achieve our goals. In sharing our purpose, we hope we have been able to inspire you to define your purpose – and, if need be, redefine what you already have to help you sail ahead.

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