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Feel Stuck?

A friend sent us a link to a YouTube video.  We’re always hesitant because a.) don’t want to spend the time and b.) often good advice out there, but there’s also a lot of noise and don’t like to get pulled in a bunch of different directions.  

But, we’re glad we clicked on this one though:

Mel Robbins offers very simple advice to help us break out of our routine. While we don’t agree with everything said, generally, we think her advice is sound and that there’s a lot of truth and its worth a listen.  

Here’re our notes/summary:

Most times, our body sends us signals based on what we need. When you need food, you feel hungry, so you eat food; in the same way, you feel thirsty, so you take a drink. Each time the body sends its signals, especially those with solutions within our reach, we find it easy to fix those issues and satisfy the need. 

But what about when you feel stuck!? In business, we all feel this way at some point, but this doesn’t mean your life is broken; rather, it just might mean your needs are still not being met. A need that we don’t always consider is the need for growth and exploration! Everything is constantly growing and changing in life, and our soul is no different. It needs development and exploration. 

Step #1 Acknowledge you’re stuck and try to identify the reason why.

Step #2 Take Action. Forcing yourself to be uncomfortable is the only way. Beyond your comfort zone lies the growth zone, and while this is an opportunity to grow, you certainly won’t enjoy the process.

It’s easy to fall into a routine in life and drift along on autopilot. Our brain and body prefer autopilot because it’s easy and comfortable. But getting what you want takes effort. You have to force yourself to do things. Following your feelings is a trap; your feelings are not a good guide.

Bottom Line

Feeling stuck could result from compounded problems like getting tired of a routine, low mental stimulation at your job, or even not having enough rest or nutrition. Don’t wait until you feel like doing something — it won’t happen — instead, try to eliminate the negative feelings while reminding yourself of the resources available to you and then get to work. 

As Mel put it, achieving your goals and aspirations is simpler than you think, but it’s never easy!

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