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How it Works

4 Phase process from Deal Submission through Property Sold
Phase 1

Property Submission

Phase 2

Deal Approval

Phase 3


Phase 4


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Submission Form

Fill out the Submission Form and upload your signed Purchase Agreement

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Investor Portal

We’ll email you a link for you to create login credentials for Investor Portal access.

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Submission Checklist

Complete and upload the Due Diligence and Opinion of Value forms that are located on the dashboard of the Investor Portal.

For returning or existing investors

Please sign in directly to the Investor Portal to submit subsequent deals.

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Due Diligence

We’ll conduct thorough due diligence on the property after receiving the forms from the Submission Checklist.

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Approval Notification / Rejection Notification

You’ll receive a notification whether the deal is approved or rejected or if any further information is required.

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Partnership Agreement

We will send you a partnership agreement for electronic signature, discuss deal terms and answer any questions you may have.

Once the you’re 100% comfortable, the Freedom Land Capital team pretty much takes it from here!

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We’ll work together to open escrow with a reputable title company, managing the communication and providing all documentation necessary for closing. Freedom Land Capital will be listed on the deed as title owner of the property.

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Once the property clears title, Freedom Land Capital will wire the full amount of the purchase price and cover all closing costs, title fees, etc.

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While the Land Investor is responsible for the marketing and sale of the property, we work together collaboratively to make it happen. When using a licensed agent to list the property, we will send you contract parameters as a guide and we’ll sign the listing agreement when ready.

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Under Contract

Upon the sale of the property, Freedom Land Capital will manage the closing process through title.

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We will prepare a Closeout Sheet with a record of expenses and accounting, including the profit split calculation, and will send it to you for review and approval.

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Funds Disbursement

You will receive your profit split via wire transfer directly from the title company based on the Closeout Sheet figures.

*We will be sending status notifications at each step of the process, but we welcome specific questions as they come up along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your profit sharing percentages (splits)?+

We offer most Land Investors a 70/30 split (70% to the Land Investor and 30% to Freedom Land Capital) after a 20% Fee to FLC. 

 * The Fee is applied to the purchase price only and deducted from the sales proceeds, so nothing out of pocket for the land investor.

What is your Deal Criteria?+

Each property is unique with its own risk profile and valuation considerations, so we review each deal on a case-by-case basis. Generally we prefer the purchase price to be at most 50% of the anticipated sales price; however, we’ve funded deals that have fallen outside of this criteria.

We are also happy to fund portfolio deals that exceed $50,000 total. On multi-parcel purchases, we’ll work together to find the right solution for the deal and for our partners.

We do require that our partners have a signed Purchase Agreement prior to submitting a deal, although on occasions, we’ll review larger properties in advance of having the PA signed.

What size deals do you fund? Is there a limit?+

While we will consider acquisition of all sizes, most of the deals that get approved fall between $30,000 – $120,000 purchase price.

What is the Investor Portal?+

It’s a secure online platform that our land investment partners access in order to submit deals, view statuses, etc. We created the portal for 3 main reasons:

Transparency – from acquisition through the sale, there should never be a question about property status or deal terms.

Streamline – simple and efficient system for communication and document sharing that will help reduce bottlenecks in the process

Convenience – upload, save and review all property documents in one place with separate deal folders and process tracking

Do you fund Seller Financing deals?+

We prefer cash! The large majority of our partnerships are on properties being sold for cash, but we have funded seller financing deals and remain open-minded.

Do you use Title Companies?+

Yes, a title policy is required for all acquisitions. It’s well worth the additional time and expense to mitigate risk and provide a sense of security going into the acquisition.

Will you fund deals in other asset classes - single-family homes, etc?+

At this time, we’re laser-focused on land – small infill lots or large rural acreage, and everything in between!

Investor Split Tool

The purpose of this Investor Split tool is to provide transparency into how Freedom Land Capital calculates
Net Profit Splits based on Deal Terms provided.

The Net Profit will vary based on actual costs, but this should help to inform your investment decisions.