About Us

We live and breathe our core values of

Integrity, Discipline and Stewardship

while pursuing our goal of becoming the #1 most recognized and respected brand in the land investing industry.


Our purpose is the pursuit of true freedom and prosperity for our land investing partners. We seek to inspire and enable our partners to achieve their growth goals in their land investing businesses so that they experience fulfillment in their work and enjoy a level of success that allows them to pursue their true passions and the time to enjoy them.

We are focused on creating a positive force in the industry by elevating investors beyond their current means. Our functional goals are to speed up deal flow, and to never let money be the bottleneck on the road to financial independence.

We put people above profit, plain and simple. We build lifelong business relationships by acting with other people’s interests in mind.


We partner with quality investors and teams who understand the value of surrounding themselves with those operating at a higher level. Regardless of how well you are doing, you can still accomplish more by surrounding yourself with those that are like minded.

Helping land investors acquire properties is a great thing, but as opposed to the transactional, one-off deals, we seek long-term, quality relationships. We truly enjoy getting to know each of our investment partners and our hope is to create lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships!

We can help you overcome challenges and see opportunities you can’t see. By choosing to partner with us, you will gain access to the clarity, capital & connections you need to take your business to the next level!


As experienced and active land investors, we are intimately familiar with the full life cycle of a sound investment. From understanding and addressing the key pain points of our land investment partners to enabling investors to make more informed and confident decisions, we strive to always do what is right and to provide value.

Our founders have signed on the dotted line in hundreds of transactions across multiple categories of real estate. We rub elbows with some of the most prolific people in the industry. We work to remain on the forefront of industry technology & trends and make sure our partners stay right there with us.

Our Team

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