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$16,029 Profit on Beautiful Property in Gunnison, CO

This beautiful property in Gunnison, Colorado was brought to us by Steve and Tonsha. It is located just across the street from the Gunnison River, backs up to State land, and features an elevation high enough for some tremendous views.

We knew access to the property had to be improved and relocated, which would take several months, and no guarantee of approval. We also knew this was going to take a traffic engineering study, permitting from CDOT, and potentially a recorded easement from adjacent property owners. However, we were buying the property at a low enough basis to mitigate the potential risks.

The complications of this parcel ended up biting us some in the end, but ultimately we all made out pretty well – our target for our land investor was a $20k-30k profit. We missed the mark, but they ended up with $16,029.85, which was pretty good…all things considered.

From the date listed to sold and funds disbursed was 66 days.

We absolutely love working with Steve and Tonsha at Restful Retreats. They’re not only great investors, but they’re great people!

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