10-Freedom Land Capital

$110,566.36 Profit!

We were presented with a deal submission of a 20-property portfolio in Arizona. We knew at once this was an excellent opportunity for the land investor and for Freedom Land Capital to capitalize on efficiency and take down several properties at once! After careful due diligence and further negotiations with the seller, Freedom funded the deal, listed all properties with trusted agents and it turned out great!

Question – would you rather buy one property for $200,000 or 20 properties at one time for the same amount? We’ll take the latter all day long! Why?

  • Spreads risk across multiple properties
  • Diversification over a variety of submarkets
  • Flexibility to adjust price points and strategy as properties begin to sell
9-Freedom Land Capital
We listed these properties for sale individually with real estate agents and it was a homerun. The combined total profit for our land investor was $110,566.36…  in less than 8 months!
8-Freedom Land Capital
The top 3 take-aways from this deal:

  1. Trust your local land agents.
  2. Leverage your own inventory for sales comps if you can.
  3. Big deals are great, portfolio take-downs are better! Spread risk if possible!

Congratulations to our partner! We feel fortunate to be in a position to help our investors grow their land businesses and we thank God for the opportunity to serve others in this way.


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