Jason Earns $55,010.73 in One Deal

We are excited to share with you a story about one of our Partners, Jason Larson with Northwoods Property Solutions, LLC.

Jason came to us with a 5-acre property located in Polk County, Florida. This property was located mostly in wetlands, but through thorough due diligence, we were able to see its potential. This property will be a tremendous homesite for a family in the growing area of Tampa.

Jason Case Study

We purchased this property at the end of January 2022 and in a few short months, the funds from the sale were disbursed to Jason.

With this sale, Jason netted a profit of $55,010.73!

We couldn’t be happier for Jason! We’re glad we could be a part of this deal and are thankful for our continued partnership. Jason plans to use his proceeds to invest back into his company, as well as some additional 1-on-1 training with Travis King at Land Investing Mastery.

We’re so excited to watch Jason‘s business take off!

$110,566.36 Profit!

We were presented with a deal submission of a 20-property portfolio in Arizona. We knew at once this was an excellent opportunity for the land investor and for Freedom Land Capital to capitalize on efficiency and take down several properties at once! After careful due diligence and further negotiations with the seller, Freedom funded the deal, listed all properties with trusted agents and it turned out great!

Question – would you rather buy one property for $200,000 or 20 properties at one time for the same amount? We’ll take the latter all day long! Why?

  • Spreads risk across multiple properties
  • Diversification over a variety of submarkets
  • Flexibility to adjust price points and strategy as properties begin to sell
9-Freedom Land Capital
We listed these properties for sale individually with real estate agents and it was a homerun. The combined total profit for our land investor was $110,566.36…  in less than 8 months!
8-Freedom Land Capital
The top 3 take-aways from this deal:

  1. Trust your local land agents.
  2. Leverage your own inventory for sales comps if you can.
  3. Big deals are great, portfolio take-downs are better! Spread risk if possible!

Congratulations to our partner! We feel fortunate to be in a position to help our investors grow their land businesses and we thank God for the opportunity to serve others in this way.


Billy and Brian make $34,112.57

We purchased 3 properties together in a mini-portfolio deal in Stevens County, Washington with two of our partners, Brian Griffin with Griffin Property Group, LLC and Billy Griffin with Griffin Land Holdings, LLC.

We typically like the warmer states for investing as the colder climates tend to limit the buying season, but these were great properties – perfect location, awesome views, and so much potential. Plus, buying the 3 properties at once was great because it’s not only more efficient from both a time and effort standpoint, but also more cost-effective with respect to closing costs since it’s technically only one transaction.

As always, we used reputable title companies on the purchase and sale side and we used land-focused real estate agents to list the property.

From the initial deal submittal through price negotiations and the ultimate sale, we’re thrilled with how smooth everything went.

At the end of the day, our partners netted $34,112.57 in less than 4 months!

That’s a win in our book. Other than the cost to find the deal, there was no money out of pocket for the land investor, allowing them to allocate more capital towards finding more deals. We’re pumped about the trajectory of Brian and Billy’s businesses and very excited to collaborate on many more!

One Deal = $100,147 profit

We recently closed on an excellent deal, where our partner profited $100,147.

This deal was a textbook land acquisition and resale! There was a collective vision to create value by clearing the lot and uncover the potential of an amazing lakefront homesite. From our due diligence consultants to our photographer and sales agent, the execution couldn’t have been better. 

We enjoyed close collaboration with our land investing partner investor every step of the way. From contract negotiation and preparation of the lot, through marketing and selling, this was a phenomenal deal all around, but it wasn’t without its share of surprises that we had to navigate along the way – 

The selective excavation that we did unfortunately uncovered more than just an incredible view; we discovered old tires, a trailer, paint cans, and oh…the concrete foundations of an old house or shed. Also, our contractor had to use special machinery and proceed with caution as they operated near the soft wetland soil and protected plant life.  Luckily, our demo budget covered most of these additional costs.  A simple flip turned into a much more involved process, but it was all worth it!

Matt is a great example of what is possible by thinking bigger and leveraging other people’s expertise and other people’s money to help him achieve his big goals!  Matt identified Travis King as the coach who could help him scale his business and Freedom Land Capital as the Capital partner to be the rocket fuel to get him there.

As an active participant in the Land Investing Mastery community + leveraging the funding arm from Freedom Land Capital, Matt’s deal is an excellent case of the value of leveraging others to help accomplish your goals.

Matt, the hard work and diligence in sticking to the process paid off; we’re glad to have been a part of it!

A lot of credit for this awesome deal also goes out to Thompson Environmental Consultants for our Wetland Delineation Survey and Kurtis Miller Photography for our outstanding drone footage. We highly recommend both!

$25,000 Profit in Williamson County, TX

This was a nice, quick flip – a great property in a great location for a family to build a home on.  This one was just north of the growing city of Austin, TX in Williamson County.    

In the right market, we love infill lots!  Even as construction costs shoot through the roof (pun intended), homebuilders are looking for quality locations to build on…especially in areas where we see housing demand outpace supply.


Some key takeaways from this deal:

  • Get a topo survey – easements and/or encroachments are common and could be why your seller wants to get rid of the property. Sometimes we can work through these issues, but many times it’s better to walk away from the deal.
    • We discovered some weird easements on this property, but ultimately not a deal breaker.
  • Check on environmental concerns specific to the subject parcel area. Leverage the local knowledge of your land specialized agents and environmental consultants about endangered species.
    • We had a scare with potentially endangered plant life on this property, but luckily we were able to rule it out.
  • Spend the time to network and partner with an agent who has connections to established buyer lists and homebuilders.
    • If you’re doing deals in Williamson County, TX, we highly recommend Kacey and his team of land specialized agents at Land Sale TX!