$23,000+ Profit in Just 2 Months!

Last year, in 2022, our partner, Mal, came to us with a beautiful waterfront property located in Mason County, Washington, and it sold in just ~2 months!

We knew this one was going to move quickly. Any time we buy close to water – and especially if there’s a water view – we know the property is going to sell quickly!

We love trophy properties like this, where we know the buyer will be able to enjoy the land with their family as their future homesite!

Mal was able to net over $23,000 in this deal.

Congratulations, Mal! We are looking forward to continuing to work together in 2023!

Do you have a deal you want to submit? Head over to freedomlandcapital.com/deal-funding

$11,058 Investor Profit on 15-Acre Parcel in Cococino, AZ

In 2022, Josh came to us with a 15-acre property in Cococino County, AZ. This parcel has great potential and is just an hour West of Flagstaff and two hours North of beautiful Sedona.

We were able to net Josh an $11,058 profit on this property.

Congratulations to Josh! We wish you great success in 2023 and beyond!

Do you have a deal you want to submit? Head over to freedomlandcapital.com/deal-funding

Under Contract in One Day!

Our good friend and partner, Matt, came to us with this smaller property in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.

After getting some excellent professional photos done, we selected a great local agent with a strong buyers list. We listed this property on September 20, 2022, and it was under contract the next day!

Please bring more of these our way, Matt.

Congrats, man!

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$37,283 Profit on 20-Acre Property in the Beautiful Hills of Northern Cali

Earlier this year, Jeff came to us with a 20-acre parcel of land with great potential and access to the gorgeous hills of Northern California.

We were able to net Jeff a solid $37,283 profit on this one.

We’re pretty comfortable digging in and doing advanced due diligence on properties, but we’ll welcome a straightforward property when we can get it!

Congratulations to Jeff! We hope for continued success for you and your land-investing business.

$16,029 Profit on Beautiful Property in Gunnison, CO

This beautiful property in Gunnison, Colorado was brought to us by Steve and Tonsha. It is located just across the street from the Gunnison River, backs up to State land, and features an elevation high enough for some tremendous views.

We knew access to the property had to be improved and relocated, which would take several months, and no guarantee of approval. We also knew this was going to take a traffic engineering study, permitting from CDOT, and potentially a recorded easement from adjacent property owners. However, we were buying the property at a low enough basis to mitigate the potential risks.

The complications of this parcel ended up biting us some in the end, but ultimately we all made out pretty well – our target for our land investor was a $20k-30k profit. We missed the mark, but they ended up with $16,029.85, which was pretty good…all things considered.

From the date listed to sold and funds disbursed was 66 days.

We absolutely love working with Steve and Tonsha at Restful Retreats. They’re not only great investors, but they’re great people!

$19,357 Investor Profit on Quick Deal in Washington

This was a fun one! We recently purchased a property in Stevens County, Washington brought to us by one of our partners, Johnny.

A gorgeous, remote property with mature trees, nestled near the Columbia river and surrounded by forest land.

We let this property go in a quick sale that netted Johnny a $19,357 split.

We ended up cutting a deal with a neighbor, which provided them more room to expand their existing homesite.

We are so pumped for Johnny. Keep crushing it!

Florida Infill Lot Sold in Two Months

We recently executed a deal in Franklin County, Florida, where we purchased two side-by-side infill lots in an awesome location near water access.

Franklin County is located on Florida’s Forgotten Coast in the Gulf of Mexico.

We listed one of the properties earlier this year and it was sold in a little more than two months!

Our partner, Ajay was able to make a profit of just over $5,000 off his land deal.

Ajay is a savvy and motivated investor on top of his game.

It was a pleasure working with Ajay on this deal and we are looking forward to partnering on many more!



Total profit to Josh: $45,093.36. Let’s go!

We wanted to share with you a story about one of our Partners, Josh, who was able to make a profit of $45,093.36 off his land deal.

Josh came to us with this property in Marion County, Florida.

We listed this property at the end of May and had it under contract by the end of June.

We initially thought about the subdivide opportunity for this 12-acre property, but ultimately, decided against it. There was easy access off an improved county road and while it wasn’t an infill lot, there were several houses in close proximity, and power and water were already located at the property.

vacant land 8 (1)-Freedom Land Capital

We bought this during Florida’s rainy season, which lasts from mid-May to mid-October, so there were some concerns about how wet the property would get. Something to keep in mind – even if your parcel is not in a flood zone or wetlands, some buyers of Florida land may be a little apprehensive about how wet the land gets… especially if they’re considering putting crops and or livestock on the property. In this case, we were HIGH AND DRY!

3 (1) (1)-Freedom Land Capital

We’ll be the first to acknowledge that not many deals are as straightforward as this one. We were super pumped for Josh on this deal and are looking forward to funding many more.

We also want to be sensitive to the fact that many people in Florida are experiencing some extremely unfortunate circumstances due to Hurricane Ian – Naples, Ft. Meyers, and the rest of SW Florida is a beautiful area full of incredible people and we commend their resilience and pray for those areas affected.

Lakefront Lot Nets Investor an Assignment Fee of $32,000

Another successful land sale for the team!…this one in Hillsboro, County outside of Tampa, FL

Once again, we’re thrilled to be able to support our land investors who want to target larger, more exciting properties like this one.  

We ordered a survey, did some light clean up on the lot and got some pretty awesome photographs.  We are proud of the Freedom Land Capital team for its thorough due diligence, marketing, and negotiations.  We were able to move this lot in just a few short months and our land investing partner made over $30,000!

We’re excited to see a house go up on this lot – a lakefront home for a family to make memories and enjoy for many years to come!

Tampa Lakefront Case Study

“Beyond those who move for the beach vibes and blue skies, retirees and a new generation of tech workers are diversifying the land that was once primarily alligators and citrus groves.” -Movebuddha.com

According to the U.S. Census, Florida ranks in the top (usually #1) states for net migration year after year.  Reports show massive gains in new residents, a net immigration of up to 1,000 people PER DAY!

We’re bullish on investing in Florida land.  Yes, even as the market slows, we remain optimistic!