Financing land acquisitions and providing operational capability to select investors across the United States

Investing with Purpose

We partner with land investors who prioritize entrepreneurial thinking
and share our purpose-driven mindset

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Where others see just raw land

We see opportunity.

Whether a vacant lot in the city or sprawling rural acreage, we appreciate the adaptive and tangible nature of land as a highly specialized, real estate asset class.

As technology advances and demographics shift, land use options and the general utility of land is ever-changing. We remain at the forefront of these trends, committed to determining its highest and best use for the benefit of the community and the end user.

Together with our land investing partners, we take pride in playing a part in bringing underutilized land into the marketplace and help realize its full potential.

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What Our Partners are Saying

Griffin Property Group, LLC

"Freedom Land Capital has been an amazing partner in scaling my business. When I hit a pinch-point and need available capital, Freedom has been there to close the gap (on solid deals, of course). It's also a huge plus to have a second set of eyes on due diligence.
Now, as I move from a W2 employee into a full-time land business owner, I plan to use Freedom Land Capital to help scale my business faster than I otherwise could. From my past experience with the Freedom team, I know that their integrity, communication, and receptiveness is second to none, and I look forward to working with them in the future."

Brian Griffin

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Brian Griffin

Northwoods Property Solutions, LLC

"Being a newer investor, I did not have the funds available to take down this larger deal I had under contract. Freedom Land Capital stepped in to fund the whole deal for me which ended up netting me $55,010.73 in profits! Freedom has a great funding portal that is extremely user-friendly. I would recommend Freedom Land Capital and their team to anyone that's looking to scale their business beyond their wildest dreams. Whether you have the funds or not, it just makes sense! Thank you, Freedom."

Jason Larson

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Jason Larson

Resonance Investments, LLC

"Freedom Land Capital and its owners are some of the most real, authentic people I've met in the industry. We've worked together on multiple deals now, and they continue to impress me -- both with their level of experience and unending generosity. When we review a deal, they don't just give me a thumbs up/thumbs down...they suggest various options and paths to take in order to get the best ROI (with the least resistance) every time. I'm consistently impressed!"

Benjamin Portnoy


"Dependable, Visionary, Approachable! Freedom Land Capital eliminates one of the biggest bottlenecks for land investors like me. Most deals and especially bigger deals are now within reach! The opportunities to scale are endless and I absolutely enjoy working with the owners. They are down to earth and always open to a thoughtful exchange of ideas."

Kushal Chakrabarty

New Hope Home Buyers, LLC

Amazing, Instrumental, Helpful! Working with Freedom Land Capital has been transformative for our business. They are not just lenders but strategic partners! Do yourself a favor, get in touch with Freedom Land Capital today because you will be a more informed land investor as a result!

Pete Christianson

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